FB_FindUsOnFacebook-114The Burlington donate-your-car-2County Humane Police Departmentis committed to serving all individuals with respect, fairness, and compassion. Acting in partnership with the community to protect and preserve life and property, we strive to prevent crime, animal abuse and help preserve law and order.

With community service as our foundation, we will address problems and seek solutions with honesty and integrity. We shall maintain public respect by holding ourselves to the highest standards of professionalism and moral courage.
The Burlington County Humane Police Department is dedicated and charged to providing a quality work environment by promoting the positive development of its members through effective training, education and leadership.
We encourage, expect, and need community involvement to work toward a mutual goal of enhancing the quality of life of both animals and people within the community. .


The BCSPCA Department Values:
• Professionalism – Our conduct reflects the highest standards of police service and personal responsibility.
• Obligation – With dignity and respect we serve all citizens equally.
• Leadership – Our examples of leadership will inspire respect for ourselves and our department.
• Integrity – Our commitment is to the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct.
• Courage – In the face of fear and danger we will uphold and follow the law.
• Excellence – With excellence as our standard, we proudly serve as Humane Police Officers.

We welcome new members.  Download our Membership Application and FAX to (609) 379-6318


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