Cessation of Operations

The Burlington County SPCA Humane Police has been a dedicated law enforcement agency with the primary responsibility of the prevention of animal cruelty throughout Burlington County. Sadly, with the passing of bill 3558, which was sponsored by Senator Raymond Lesniak, we are no longer able to help prevent animal cruelty in Burlington County.

The Burlington County SPCA Humane Police will cease investigation any new cases of animal cruelty after February 1st 2018. This is a direct result of the recently passed New Jersey Senate Law 3558. Although there was absolutely no wrongdoing on our part, due to the negative publicity, fundraising is at an all-time low.

We do not have the funds to pay our required annual Insurances. Chief of the Department C. Mosca met with the County Prosecutor, Scott Coffina, and the Sheriff, Jean Stanfield, on January 24th 2018. They proposed that we continue operations as normal until May 1, at which time local law enforcement and animal control would take over as the primary agencies to enforce animal cruelty laws. Once local law enforcement and animal control take over, we would only be an advisory affiliate conducting animal welfare checks before and after the local police would write Title 4 charges. In essence, we would no longer be permitted to enforce animal cruelty laws within Burlington County. We would no longer be permitted to write charges or to follow up in court to ensure that the abusers are prosecuted.

Unfortunately there would still be no funding available from the county, except “possibly” they would earmark the collected fines to go towards the BCSPCA. While we feel that local police will not have the time or the interest to put in the hours that we did on each and every case, we do not feel that preceding or following up their work is our mission or final goal. All of our Law Enforcement Officers went through hours of rigorous training and spent thousands of dollars out of our own pockets for that training and uniforms, etc.

We are commissioned law enforcement officers through the New Jersey State Police; unlike most law enforcement officers throughout the State that only have localized background checks and a pre-employment vetting process. We have spent numerous hours learning to do this job, and we have done it very well. We are honored and proud of what we accomplished during our years serving the animals of Burlington County. Sadly, because of these changes that are not in our control, the animals of Burlington County will undoubtedly suffer.

To report any new cases of animal cruelty please call your local Police Department