Riverside Police donate bullet proof vests

The Riverside Township Police Department donated 8 bullet proof vests to the Burlington County Humane Police Department recently . Sgt. Joshua Long of the Burlington County Humane Police sent letters to several local police departments asking for donations of bullet proof vests that were no longer being used by local police officers. Riverside Captain David Jaensch contacted Sgt. Long and told him that Riverside would be able to make a donation. Sgt. Long met Captain Jaensch at Riverside Police headquarters where 8 bullet proof vests were donated. The Burlington County Humane Police receive no funding from the Burlington County Freeholders or the State of New Jersey. As a result, there is no money to purchase these items for the protection of County Humane Police Officers. The donated vests will be used by Burlington County Humane law enforcement personnel while investigating complaints involving animals. Riverside Police and the County Humane Police have worked together in the past regarding animal cruelty and neglect in the township and have a good working relationship.
The Burlington County Humane Police Department operates only on donations and the collections of fines from investigations of animal cruelty and neglect throughout Burlington County. “I want to thank the Riverside Police Department for their help in this matter. Our law enforcement personnel greatly appreciate this donation, especially in light of the recent shootings of police officers.” said Humane Police Chief Cheryl Mosca.
Both Police Agencies have their own Facebook pages and the public is invited visit, “like” and comment.

Monday, December 8, 2014

dog houseAs part of our community outreach program we are accepting your unused dog houses. These will be given to those unfortunate dogs that have no shelter and whose family’s

are in need of help.