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FB_FindUsOnFacebook-114Your Role in Cruelty Investigations:

Burlington County SPCA receives over 370 different reports of possible cruelty to animals each year, and our humane officers follow up on every report. We depend on the concerned public to let us know about animals in trouble. Maybe it is a dog you see tied up outside every time you drive by that one house. Or the house with a few too many scruffy looking cats. If you are concerned about a situation let us know and we can abuse
If you are concerned about getting someone in trouble or labeling something as cruel that might not be deliberate, remember that our goal is to improve the lives of animals not to make life difficult for people. Sometimes our investigation will show that there is not a problem at all. The animal that appears to be in poor condition may be under a veterinarian’s care. The horse out in the pasture has a shelter that is not visible from the road. In other cases people need some information and guidance to improve conditions for their animals. Our officers explain the corrections that are needed and follow up as often as necessary until they are completed to the standards of the law. People are often cooperative and proud of their accomplishment when improvements are made. In a small number of cases we prosecute, where the problems are serious and people are uncooperative and unwilling to make changes.abuse online
When you make a report we will keep your name confidential. In most cases we need enough information to find the situation and see it for ourselves. Officers can base the rest of the case on their own investigation and observations. The exceptions are cases where someone has been an eyewitness to abandonment or an incident like shooting, beating or kicking an animal. Successful prosecution of a case like that would require an eyewitness. When you report a case our officers will follow up and let you know the outcome. Your call could make a lifesaving or a life changing difference for an animal.

Where to Call About Cruelty and How to Make a Complaint:
If you suspect cruelty to animals in Burlington County call 800-582-5979
. Call when you first notice a problem. Don’t wait for the situation to deteriorate, or for the weather to get worse. A bad situation won’t get better by itself. We will need to know:
• WHAT the problem is. Try to differentiate between what you see and what you think might be the case.
• WHEN did the incident happen, or how long has the problem been ongoing.
• WHERE it is. A street address is best, but please don’t guess about a street number if you don’t know it. If you do not know the street address provide an accurate description of the place with directions to the nearest intersection or landmark.



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